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開発 Phoenix Mind Games
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/24


Game has different playing mode from easy to expert multiplayer game. Player has to make dotted line to fill boxes & make square. four dots game require to form squares. you or opponent will declare as winner after endgame who has made more squares or boxes

This dot game you have to make complete box, this is the classic and original "Dots and Boxes" game with multiplayer feature. This classic boardgames has the best Dots & Boxes game version on iphone and ipad with best AI integration and 2 player multiplayer games. Link the dots, close more squares than your opponent and be first in the Global High-Score, among thousands of players worldwide. From the creators of Four In A Row, another classic! Have your skills changed since you were in school?

- The goal in the Dots and Boxes game is to always close the square.
- At each round, a player chooses where to draw a line between two adjacent points.
- The player scores a point when he closes a square, in which case he continues to play.

** Features
- Interesting AI integrated
- Simple and Classic game play
- Addictive strategy for 2 players multiplayer
- connecting the dots game available for iphone and ipad
- Best casual game for all age groups (including kids)
- Free boxes and dots game for any age
- classic boardgame popular as paddock or squares game
- strategy board game to win the game
- Added games multiplayer for two player game online
- Best two player games
- Challenge your friends on the same device
- Enjoy hours of fun with colorful themes
- Easy to get, hard to master

This is game with many names, this connect the dots game people also called as Dots and squares, Dot Boxing,dots puzzle game, dots and boxes, Dot Box Game, box game, Dots and Lines, Dots and Dashes, dot game, squares, Paddocks, squares-it, Dots game, connectthedots game. Enjoy the classic free dots and boxes game. Its popular world wide game made by Phoenix Games.

Names in other countries -
In Portuguese game knowns as pontos e caixas,quadrado, jogo do pontinho or pontinhos. In Turkish kutu ve kare or kare oyunu; In Italy game called as punti; In Bulgaria its called as dots —Ç–æ—á–∫–∏

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