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Flappy Robot Warrior







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ジャンル カジュアル  アドベンチャー 
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開発 Benja Rathsathit
価格 無料
公開日 2019/06/14


Flappy Warrior is designed with a very easy game play what make you become a super Bird Robot fighting who own many super skills and weapon. The weapon will fire auto in the case you have to control the super skills base on the power level and power line. Not just an Bird Robot adventure games, it ‘s also a Bird Robot fighting games for anyone.
Bird Robot games with very easy way to play like this will help you kill time and may take more time to get over many bosses. The bosses in each stage is strong and stronger in high level. But you just need to improve the weapon level and increase the power level, it will help you a lot to complete you mission.

Our games require you use 2 fingers at least to play the game, left finger will control the Bird Robot fly and the right finger will touch to use super skills in right corner. Each super skill need to spend a number of power in power line and you can’t fire the super skill if not enough power.
The armor and the weapon type can be improved and upgraded in store screen. You can change the Bird Robot hero to play game with different super skills and power. So that if you think you can’t get over the stage with your current power you can upgrade it anytime in store.
Every stage will take you around 60 seconds before you can meet the boss and fight with boss. The battle between you and boss will take time and you will get much reward if you win.

- Easy to play
- Many character support
- Many stage and boss
- Cool graphic and design