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公開日 2019/05/26


Dear supporters and first time comers.
Before going on describing the app and how great it is, please allow me to take a moment to apologize for the advertisements ads in this app, this is how we can keep our heads above water and keep providing you with great solution apps making your daily life easier, smarter, and safer. One more this game is at it start and like all games in the world might have mistakes please help us correct the bugs and mistakes that needs to be corrected by sending your comments in the email below.
Learn 2 Memorize game is a Learn as you play game to enrich vocabulary and sharpen your skills. Learn thousands of new words, spellings, vocal, and pictures in 13 languages
How to play this game
Learn 2 Memorize is a great Game where you need to match pairs of tiles. Playing is very simple: you turn over one tile and then try to find a matching tile. There are 10 interesting categories for now with six more exciting ones coming up in the update soon.
When you click on the first tile of you will hear the name of the picture while you can see the spelling of that particular word once you find the matching pair a point will rewarded to your winning score.
So weather you are learning a new language or you are perfectioning an exciting one, this game is fun to play for all ages , solo or with family,

Game features
1. Develop recognition and memorising skills.
2. Great beginners class exercise for ESL.
3. Train your concentration.
4. Exercise your brain with the theory of repetition and gradual difficulty.
5. Memorize objects present in daily life.
6. Train your accuracy, and your attention.
7. Enrich your vocabulary.
8. Remember different objects in images.
9. Identify musical sounds and associate them with other instruments.
10. Memorize sounds of new words.
11. Brain power Improvement.
12. Differentiate between objects and human.
13. Train your concentration.
14. Enhance your spelling.
15. Learn 13 different languages.
16. Associate objects in the rooms of a house.
17. Train your accuracy, attention.
18. Grasp a visual image in short-term .
19. Stimulate and enhance the capacity for observation and attention.
20. Train your brain.
21. Train your concentration.
22. Learn new different language.
23. Learn to spell thousands of new words.
24. Enrich your vocabulary.
25. Associate words to pictures.

Languages in the game are = English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, and Russian.
Sixteen categories =
Vegetable, shapes, animals, colors, fruits, professions, parts of the body, planets, numbers, vehicles , flowers, utensils clothing, accessories, sports and family members.
No internet required