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Biblia Trivia HT







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ジャンル エンターテインメント  単語  トリビア 
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開発 Hilmy Tejada
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/16


This game is about answering biblical questions correctly. Whenever you start a game the questions will be different as they will appear randomly or randomly, the less time you take to answer them, the higher your score will be.

You have 3 chances before the game ends or the player uses all available questions in this version.

In total there are 160 questions, if you manage to answer them all before finishing the game then you will have managed to win the game.

Remember that the less time it takes you to answer the questions, the higher your score will be so if you can answer all the questions, you can still challenge yourself to surpass your own record!

• Challenge your biblical knowledge
• Learn while you play
• Learn more about the characters in the bible
• Reference verse in each question

BibliaTrivia HT es un juego educativo donde tus conocimientos biblicos son puestos a prueba. Cuantas preguntas crees poder contestar antes de fallar 3 veces?.

Cambios en esta nueva version:
- Nueva UI
- Control de volumen
- Guia de referencias
- Activar o Desactivar pistas (Antes de iniciar la partida)
- Opciones de configuraciones animadas
- Nuevos sonidos de fondos
- Vibra cuando elijes la respuesta equivocada
- Nueva escena y sonido si pasas tu maxima puntuacion

Good luck!