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Fluffy Kitty Care And Play







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ジャンル ファミリー 
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開発 Winky Pinky
価格 無料
公開日 2019/06/15


Not only that you will have a great time in this animal game, but you will get a nice opportunity to look after a fluffy kitty that needs pampering and entertainment. You will have multiple occasions when you will play with the kitty. Even if it will be in the incorporated mini-games or in the backyard you should have a delightful time. The game has three main items that will guide you in this nursing adventure and will show you in which area the kitty will need your help. The items represent the food, the happiness, and the medical condition; your job will be to have all of them satisfied. The food will be provided from the fridge, but some of the meals need to be cooked. Develop cooking skills and prepare delicious plates for our sweet kitty. Make some fried fries and maybe you could give her some pizza or ice cream, but make sure the cat asks for it. Once she is full, you might want to play some games. In the garden you will find a rope to jump, a ball to throw and an interactive jumping game. Follow the instructions and have fun while your kitty enjoys her well-deserved entertainment. Collect as many coins as you can in the jumping mini-game and try to have the best score every time you play. After so much jumping, our cat needs medical treatments that will make her feel better. Remove the thorns from her fur, brush her teeth, clean the ears and be careful while you take her temperature. Once the nursing phase is over you can continue the playing and feeding until our kitty gets sick again. Keep taking care of her and try to improve your skills each time.

You must check out these awesome features this game comes with:
- Easy control of the game
- Interactive mini-games incorporated
- Taking good care of a little kitty
- Cook and play all day long
- Nice background sounds and pretty cool graphics
- Nursing skills to gain
- Using medical devices
- Multiple tasks to accomplish
- Become an experienced caretaker of cats