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Clash Knife Shooter







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ジャンル カジュアル  エンターテインメント  アクション 
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開発 Ali Azhar
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/20


It's a game for all People who love Knife Spin! It’s a game for Consecration and Confident Be a Knife Master, take a risk and hit the targets.

Throw Knife, collect coins and go next challenge level. Dozens of challenging levels to make your skilled knife master.

The ultimate knife battle is here! Can you beat all the bosses?

How to Play Clash Knife Shooter:
The main goal of the game is to throw the knives and kills the bosses in a limited knife. There are 20 levels and each level contains 4 sub levels. Boss will appear in the 4th sub-level of each Level. Each boss is Surrounded by mini monsters and hurdles.

Mini monster:
- There are 3 different mini monster that rotates around the boss to protect the Boss.
- To kill the monster the user must have killed all the mini monster first. In each sub-level.
- The number of mini-bosses will vary from 3 to 7.

- The number of hurdles varies from 1 to 5 and rotate around the boss.
- Hurdles will appear after completing 0.25% of the level.
- If the user hit the hurdle than the game will over, and the level will restart.

- There are 10 different types of knives.
- Each knife has its speed, and sharpness.
- Users will have a limited number of knives of the same type (min 6, max 24).

- Quiver contain knives.
- The user will Upgrade the Quiver (6 to 24)

Boss Shield:
-Each Shield has it's on hardness. If the knife is not as sharper as a shield, then the user has to upgrade the knife to damage the shield.

Key Features:

• Unlock different styles of knives with collecting coins!
• physics-based realistic knives
• Different Challenging Levels.
• Amazing HD graphics.
• Addictive Gameplay
• Dozens of unique throwing knife
• Knife Wars and Fight with Monster
• Hit Knifes Up game
• Simple quick reflex tapping gameplay but really hard to master
• One finger control to play
• Easy to understand all Challenge
• Real Clash Knife Shooter animation with amazing expressions
• Gives you a sense of satisfaction and relaxes your nerves
• Totally free to download and play.

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Clash Knife Shooter is free to play!