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L for Logic







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ジャンル パズル  トリビア 
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開発 Vitaly Stepanoff
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/17


Guess the logical chain and connect the images in order.

- 200 unique levels, divided into 21 themes.

- Daily levels that accumulate. Thus, the total number of levels is growing every day. Come into the game every day, play new levels!

- Two sections on complexity: easy and a little harder. Easy tasks can be done even by an elementary school student. Hard tasks will be able to solve only by the chosen one. Become the chosen one - solve all the tasks!

- Mode “Blitz”. Feel like a real expert, guessing logical chains for a time!

- Backgrounds for meditation, encouraging praise. Who doesn't love to be praised?

Play, have fun, learn!

A little more:

At each level, you are given a set of 5-7 images. Define a logical chain by which these images can be lined up, and then select them in order. If in the process of selecting images you make a mistake by selecting some image in wrong order, the whole chain will be reset, and the images will be mixed up. This game will require you to concentrate logical thinking and attentiveness (but not much ;-) )!

The logic of combining images on the screen can be absolutely any. You will be surprised by the variety of themes. Here are some of them:

- “Counting quantity”. In this theme, the images differ from each other in the quantity of a common feature. For example, the number of angles of polygons on the screen or points of playing cubes. But not all levels of this theme are so simple: in many you will first have to find what you need to count.

- “Common feature”. In this theme are collected completely different images, united by a common feature. For example, objects with different temperatures: a cup of tea, ice cream, sun, iceberg ... Define it and arrange objects from the coldest to the hottest.

- “History of development”. On the screen is a group of pictures that displays the historical development of a phenomenon. You need to arrange the pictures in chronological order. For example, the history of aeronautics – pictures of aircraft from different eras: an airplane, a balloon, a dirigible...

- “Adding details”. Here are collected logical chains on the attention. The first drawing has the lowest detail, and one detail is added to each next one.

- “Difference in one detail”. This theme is like adding details, but much more difficult to solve. Requires increased attention. Here each next drawing of the chain differs from the previous one in only one detail. Theme for real gurus! Tasks from this theme are not even on the easy level of complexity.

- “Processes”. In this theme there are logical chains illustrating natural or industrial processes separated in time. For example, the process of making woolen clothes.

Among other themes: the flow of one shape into another, animation frames, changing colors... There are also exotic, unique levels that cannot be merged into any group. For such levels there is a theme “Other”. In total, there are 21 themes in the game – there will be tasks for every taste.

If it seems to you that tasks on an easy level of complexity are too easy – try the difficulty level “A little harder”. If you solve these levels with ease – congratulations! You are a true intellectual and very attentive! Then try to solve all the levels in the “Blitz” mode for speed. Earn maximum points and lead the player rating!

Thank you for playing “L for Logic”! Good luck in solving tasks!