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Horror Haunted House







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開発 kavin jongte
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/24


Do you like 3d horror games or 3d escape games?
The Lost, is a new 3D horror game, a new 3d escape game, which surely will put you in difficulty. Are you ready for a new challenge? The idea of this 3d escape game is unique, because this is a first person 3d escape game where you can walk through all the rooms. It's over with clicks only to inspect the rooms.
You are stuck in a haunted house, and your goal is to escape as quickly as possible. In this haunted house, horrible things have happened that you'll discover during the game. You have to be careful, because there are ghosts in this house that will scare you. The ghosts from the house are very dangerous and they will put you in difficulty. This is a 3D escape game, so you can walk where you want, interact with the objects, inspect objects, and some objects you can take it with you, then use it to escape from the ghost house. To play this escape game, you need some skills, qualities: spirit of observation, logic, good memory, speed, and a lot of courage, because it's a very 3d scary escape game. You will have to be very careful at all objects, because you will find many clues that will help you escape from the rooms or open certain rooms and find hidden objects. Escape games are strategy games, puzzle games, so you will have to solve many puzzles to advance. Try to interact with all objects because very important objects are hidden in secret places. Look for escape solutions, find secret doors and escape from the haunted house.
3D graphics, sounds and animations creates a scary atmosphere that will keep you in suspense throughout the game.

A 3D Horror Game 2019: Escape from the haunted house
* Beautiful 3D graphics
* 3D puzzle game
* Scary escape game
* Free game on iOS
* Excellent animations
* Horror sounds
* Many rooms and many puzzles to solve
* Many clues
* Ghost house game
* Scary atmosphere
* Difficult puzzles, hidden objects
* 3D first person escape game

Can you escape from the haunted house?
Download the new horror escape game, test your skills, escape the locked rooms, and escape as quickly as possible from the haunted house.

We want to improve our game continuously and we look forward for your opinions. If you want more puzzles, more clues to help you escape the house with the ghosts, do not hesitate to write us. We are open to new ideas that we'll put into practice.