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Mad King's Steward iOS







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ジャンル ユーティリティ  ファミリー  ボード 
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開発 Chimera Software, LLC
価格 ¥700
公開日 2019/05/17


"I used it for the first time yesterday, and it was magical." - Jamey Stegmaier
"It’s genius! Basically magic." - qeek
"That’s what it truly is, magical. So cool" - Steve

Fully supports the latest expansion Secrets & Soirees!

Imagine that you have just finished a rousing game of "Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig" with six of your good friends. There are six massive castles arranged neatly on the table and the tile tray is nearly empty. Everyone is happy, cheerful, and perhaps slightly inebriated. You look around the table and rejoice in the good time you just had, but the night is not over! The most daunting task of tallying those castles lies ahead. Your shoulders start to slump a little...

But fear not! The Mad King's Steward is here to preserve the good mood and do the nasty accounting work for you. Just tap the camera button and point your device at one of the castles. In mere seconds you will have an accurate score tabulated for your INSANELY MASSIVE castle. Huzzah! The good mood is preserved and your game night can continue unimpeded!

From the creator of the Pointsman comes another ARKit/CoreML enabled smart scoring app; here to save the fun by making the scoring of your favorite games a little less tedious.

Want to try it out but don't have a finished game handy? Just go to and use the Mad King's Steward on the image there!

Not an Official Stonemaier Games product.