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Bullet Master







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ジャンル アクション  エンターテインメント  パズル 
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開発 Przemyslaw Kwater
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/02


Being a famous spy is far from legends – it’s a hard piece of cake (something like the life of super hero).

But one thing is true – deadly accuracy in taking aim at the enemies is necessary for this job. Ability to solve puzzling challenges can also be useful.

All these things you will find in Bullet Master – a unique puzzle game that will train your brain! All you need is laser focus and precise aim to take down a variety of bad guys – robbers, zombies, terrorists, public enemies and other villains who are not few in the world.
Are you capable of doing this in one shot?

Travel to various regions and save the world from the hands of criminals.
Be careful at TNT bombs – but they can be also useful in increasing stats.
And remember one thing – whether you’re a puzzler or shooter, this best physics shooter game is easy to learn, easy to play but also is almost impossible to master.

Start your adventure now!

Meet our hero.
He trained hard for his reputation – at the beginning, he deserved to be called only Master. After years of training, he became shooting phenomenon – Bullet Master – with tiger instinct and ninja accuracy.
Now he is on the secret mission. He must keep the bad guys and he has only a gun at his disposal.
And he likes his gun. Mutually.
So help him become a legend agent and start your mission now!

What do you find in Bullet Master game?

- Challenging puzzles
- Smart ideas in levels
- Cool looking skins
- Stunning graphics and great sounding
- rescuing hostage mode