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Classic Business Board







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ジャンル カジュアル  ボード 
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開発 Ali Azhar
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/07


Not only are they fun to play, but they’re also fun to port from a real-life board game to a video game.

Classic Business Board – Offline Multiplayer Trade Board Game is a free dice game. Trade lands, build houses, win auctions, enjoy your business by sell and buy Properties like builds houses, acquire Classic Business Board, make deals, win auctions and jail. If you like family dice board games - you will like the Classic Business Board or Monopoly.

The main importance of this game is to learn business and trade, selling of properties. By playing Business board game players earn money and become the richest/ monopolist.

The player who owns properties has a business board which allowed to build houses and increase the rent. While playing this game, players experience ups and downs, rewards, losses, and penalties, etc.

When a player rolls dice and lands on space which not already owned, he may buy it from the bank otherwise he has to pay rent to the owner of that place or site. Rents are greatly increased by the erection of houses and hotels. During financial crises, properties can be mortgaged to the bank.

Game Features:
- 6 players can play at a time.
- HD graphics to make the game more interesting and colorful.
- Pleasant sounds that create a nice atmosphere for the city.
- Play the game Vs. Artificial Intelligence and also against your friends and family.
- A real challenge in the game against AI in a single-mode, where you can get not only the pleasure of the game but also the rewards.
- Playing on a single device with friends to find out which of you has more luck and talent for entrepreneurship.
- The person with max money, in the end, will win the game.
- Simple and interesting user interface.

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