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ジャンル アクション  カジュアル 
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開発 Bahadir Tasdemir
価格 ¥120
公開日 2019/05/04


Galaxy Shooter - Retro Space Warrior

This is the Ad Free version.

In the year 3128 of Galaxy, the world is living in a very big peace with all of the humans. The technology is very high and people are happy.

But one day, humans heard some sounds from the space.

zimongvinasest.. kramkintıkniak..

After seven months, engineers discovered the meaning of the sounds coming from the space: Kill All Humans! Conquer Their Lands!

You are the most talented pilot in the world. Your mission is to Save The Earth! You are the ultimate defender of the motherland and the galaxy. Wear your suit, get on your ship and hit the gas warrior!

You will have a great time with this Retro Pixel Art Shooter Space Game! There are many levels and different enemies on each level!

There are two kinds of this game. One is with ads and the other one is ad-free. You can try the free game with ads first. If you like this pixel art game, please purchase the ad-free one. You will have many great challenges over the space against the creatures of the galaxy. New properties and levels are on the way! Please don't forget to give five stars and also your beautiful comments to this unique shooter game. If you have feedback please share it on the comments section.

There are two kinds of games in the app. One is a story constructed of different and beautiful levels. You can achieve the challenges in each of the levels one by one. Each level is beautifully designed with pixel art graphics. There are lots of beautiful pixel art animations. Don't forget the bosses that your warrior has to take down at the end of each level. The other one is an infinite version of the game. You can play infinite without bosses. Your challenge is to gain the highest score in the infinite non-interrupted game.

Kill enemies, increase stars, earn scores, rule the galaxy, defend the human kind! You are born to be a shooter warrior!

Every level has at least one boss enemy.

New levels will be rolling out in the consecutive days.

This shooter game is a pixel art game. Have great fun with this retro warrior game. Retro games are awesome because you can completely feel that it is a game and also, it reminds us of the good old retro game years.

Important Note: This game contains ad codes but does not display ads on this paid version.