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Ball Fall - Swing and Drop







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ジャンル スポーツ  カジュアル  スポーツ 
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開発 Mohamed Balli
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/23


Touch and hold to create a ball,
Release to drop down the ball into the target to win & scroll down to the next level ( endless )
spin through the spikes, collect coins, get extra ball and challenge your friends.

Features :

- One-touch control & simple operation.
- Lots of Balls (Basketball, football, baseball, planets, billiards pools and more) !
- Lots of Skins.
- Lots of spikey hard levels!
- Simple & beautiful design!
- A challenge to reflex.

How to play?

Drop the ball in the perfect moment to avoid all obstacles. Do not hit the spike! obstacles marked with orange arrow gives you extra ball in the next level and score up. collect coins to unlock all the various balls and levels.

Tips :

-Win 3 levels in a row with the same ball to activate the Fire Ball combo, it gives you a higher score.
-Hit the boxes and circles marked with orange arrow to get extra balls in the next level and double the score.
-If you want continue playing after the last ball you have 2 choices to get 3 more balls, you can watch the video ads or pay with coins you get in-game.
-ads free version of the game will only get ride of the ads that appear at the end of each play session, the video rewarded ads is a voluntarily option that remains in case you want to get 3 extra balls to play more and reach a higher score.
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