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Bubble Drop iOS







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ジャンル ボード  パズル 
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開発 TippyTap
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/11


Tap to drip a Bubble Drop off the pipe!

Bubbles of the same number and colour will merge together to create new bubbles!

Be careful! If you drop a Bubble Drop outside of the game circle, you lose!

Beat boss levels by making a bubble match with one inside of a sticky bubbles. The bubbles will merge into the sticky bubble and pop! Pop all of the sticky bubbles to complete the boss level! Sticky bubble from higher boss levels will take more than one merge to completely pop; make multiple matches to burst them all!

Merging bubbles will fuse together to create bubbles with a bigger number.
Fuse bigger numbered bubbles together to score more points!
You can also fuse multiple bubbles of the same number together if they are all connected, do a combo fuse to score massive points!

If a bubble merge causes a bubble to get disconnected from the center, it pops off! Use this to your advantage to pop off undesirable bubbles depending on the situation!

Get a huge score by creating combo matches! Make a chain reaction of bubble matches to beat all your friends with a massive high score!

Do you have what it takes to drip and drop your way to the 2048 bubble?