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開発 stoptoplay
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公開日 2019/08/02


Existence vs. Annihilation Logic (E.V.A.L) is an actionbound 2D drawing endless runner game belonging to same beloved genre of games such as alto's adventure, alto's odyssey, super mario run and others!

What makes E.V.A.L special is that this is the first 2d infinite runner game in the world that uses 2D drawing controls! You can choose to draw in the shapes on the screen instead of using traditional tap or button controls.

You control the shape and color of a cute, happy creature that you must get through logic puzzles in the shape of triangles, circles, and squares. These obstacles will be in one of four different colors: red, blue, yellow, gray. For gray shapes, only the shape of the creature needs to match, and the color does not matter.

In this actionbound indie adventure, be prepared for some serious brain games as you take the happy transforming creature on the color road and tackle puzzles that require you to be vigilant and to always be ready to draw something.

The screen is divided into three parts, red, blue, yellow. You draw the shape you want in the different areas to get your creature to change its' shape and color.

With 3 unique auto runner game modes that include:

A multi-level campaign that can be played on various difficulty settings , where the player gets to thwart E.V.A.L, a sarcastic, malfunctioning artificial intelligence that won't budge on its principles of perfection.

20 unique challenge levels that will test your skills with different power ups and hazards.

An endless runner mode where players can compete against the world to see who can rule the Apple GameCenter high score leaderboard!

There is also a Shop, owned by the mysterious Dr Y. to help you with your evaluation.

Play through all the game modes and unlock achievements!