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ABC Alphabets & Phonics Sounds







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A is for apple! Teach letter recognition and letter sounds with this giant collection of our colourful flash cards, picture cards, and more!
Learn the letter A and its matching flashcard featuring a picture of an apple then use them to practice the Learning resources featuring free worksheets, activities, flashcards, and more! The most flexible way to introduce alphabets, pictures and words.

- Help with letter and sound recognition
- Games designed to be fun and interactive
- Activities that helps building new skills and concepts
- Challenge problem solving and develop memory skills

Practise the phonic sounds of the alphabets. Listen to the sounds. What letter of the alphabet sounds like this? Learn the letters a, b, and c, and the sounds they make. Use this interactive games and activities to learn the different letter sounds and discover common words that start with each alphabet letter.

Alphabet Flashcards. Recognise letters of the alphabet in sequential order. Letter recognition is an important skill for early learning. Check out these colourful alphabet flash cards (abc flash cards) with relevant pictures for easy letter recognition and phonics. This set of alphabet flashcards contains alphabet letters along with vibrant pictures that help learn beginning sounds.

Spelling Matching:
Spelling Matching Game, match the object with correct alphabet. This will help to learn spellings. It helps to improve spelling vocabulary.

Lets learn the Alphabets in the fun and easy way! ABC Alphabet Phonics is full of interactive and fun learning games just right for you to learn your first ABCs!