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開発 Chasefun Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
価格 無料
公開日 2019/06/27


This game is a 3-D pixel, fast parkour, western cowboy style idle game.
With your trusty lariat a(Ever wanted to ride an elephant? An alpaca? A doctor lion??), your one job is to collect as many animals as you can in the Wild West.
You have to catch as many animals as possible. The more animals you cacth, the more gold coins you get. Gold coins can be used to unlock more charactors and mounts.
Many kinds of mounts in the game. Find your own charactor and mount.
What takes seconds to learn will take forever to master. The more animals you bring in, the more gold coins to you: rope more creatures each throw, earn more coins, and, most importantly. You will need every foot you can get as you chase down increasingly more exotic, and sometimes even fictional, animals for your collection. Start by rustling cattle, dinosaurs, lions, elephant, bears, kangarooes, and alpacas. But wait, what’s that down the path? Zebras, kangaroos;
you’ll need a precise and quick finger to catch those rascally…. dinosaurs???
Game Features:
1. Lots of annimals
There are various of animals in the game to cacth,
2. Free to play, and without wifi.
Play the game any time any where, No internet is needed.
3. Many skins and animals to unlock
So many skins and animals are designed in the game for players to choose.