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Danger Vegetables Pro iOS







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ジャンル エンターテインメント  ファミリー  カジュアル 
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開発 Galatic Droids
価格 ¥300
公開日 2019/05/02


Danger Vegetables Pro, no interrupting ads.

Its lunch time and you’re on a mission ... avoid vegetables at all cost!

This is an old school, retro style arcade game where you have to eat all the tasty sweets and avoid all the nasty vegetables.

You’ve been working hard all morning and its time to forget the diet and stuff your face with all manner of junk food, sweets and candy.

Avoid those nasty vegetables :- carrots (yak), pathetic peppers, broccoli (why did anybody invent broccoli), etc. They’ll put an end to your appetite and and end to your lunch break.

If the health food gets too close, grab a bottle of ketchup and squirt it – tasty enough to overpower the taste of the most powerful sprouts, ketchup is our friend.

Pop into the settings screen to select different controls or to change your character.

Now remember this is only a game, in the real worlds it is important to eat a balanced diet and Vegetables are really good for us.

But we can still poke a little fun at them, so download “Danger Vegetables” now.