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3D Puzzle - Jigsaw Puzzle







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ジャンル アドベンチャー  エンターテインメント  パズル 
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開発 Saad Naseem Khan
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/18


3D Puzzle World Slide Puzzle is new motion classic jigsaw puzzle game that require to arrange interlocking real jigsaw pieces in beautiful way, secret of this 3d picture puzzle is its 3d 360 degree challenges. Place scatter puzzle pieces while swiping up and down or right and left until you see correct place to complete 3d model.

Best brain teaser game so train your brain while putting together amazing 3d pieces of artworks and experience whole new 3d 360 degree puzzle fun in front of your eyes. This anti stress incredible 3d photo puzzle game offers a collection of creative 3d models of jets, plane, robots,vase, helicopter and other just swipe to rotate the model to get closer to the correct angle and reveal your completed 3d artwork.

3D Jigsaw World Slide Puzzle Features
• Unique interesting 3d 360 degree puzzle models.
• Simple user interface with enriched sounds.
• Two modes to play with Time mode and arcade mode.
• Complete challenging goals within time.
• Camera zoom option use it when you feel perplexed.
• Helps you relieve stress and anxiety in life.
• Use scroller and scatter your pieces to make jigsaw challenging for you.
• Perfect pas time activity and best time killer game.
• Favored by all ages, doesn't require any special skills just need your focus.
• Enjoyable game for everyone, No WIFI required to play.
• Completely FREE Jigsaw photo puzzle game waiting for you to discover.

Let’s have fun and release stress relax your brain by completing the pictures in this free epic 3d Jigsaw Puzzles. You just have to drag the puzzle at the right place, to facilitate you game is designed in such a way that silhouette of the puzzle appears on the position where you have to place puzzle piece. Jigsaw Puzzle game help to improve visual memory and search skills, game is effective in releasing stress and relax brain muscles.¬