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Egg Shoot Deluxe







評価 (18) ※全期間
ジャンル カジュアル  パズル 
ダウンロード ...
開発 Nguyen Thi Nhi
価格 無料
公開日 2019/05/07


To do this, a player must match like-colored eggs by firing from a cannon at the bottom. Players are rewarded extra points for increased eggs above the minimum number to match, as well as collateral damage by disconnecting other eggs from the main block (if an egg is not connected to the main egg pile, it is automatically destroyed regardless of whether or not it was matched). Sticks of dynamite are also present amongst the eggs, which indicate available matches to be destroyed for the player. EggShoot Deluxe has three game modes, three difficulty levels, and a tutorial.

●Endless Puzzle
In this game mode, the player must keep a slowly descending pile of eggs from passing below the warning line near the egg cannon. As you clear eggs faster, the egg pile begins to descend faster. But as the eggs get closer and closer to the bottom, the egg pile will slow down.

●Stomped Puzzle
In this game mode, the player must clear a predetermined egg arrangement. There is no hourglass and hence no real "time limit;" in it's place is a temper gauge of Mama dinosaur.. Firing eggs will raise this temper gauge slowly; when it fills up, Mama will "stomp" the level and lower the roof level, bringing the egg arrangement closer to the warning line at the bottom and resetting the gauge.

●Time Trial
In this game mode, the player is given a fixed number of egg rows to clear and is scored based on how quickly they clear them all. There is no time limit, and eggs passing by the warning line in this game mode will simply add an additional row to clear.

Thank you all for play EggShoot Deluxe!